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My mission is to help individuals to achieve radiant good health by promoting self-empowerment and personal responsibility for  Health and Well-being. My aim is to help you  to have the best life possible by showing you how to take charge of your health and happiness through diet, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.  I encourage you to realise that you are the architect of your own health / body/ life,  and that you can determine the path of your life by the decisions and choices you make..

The aim of this blog is to share information with you that will enable you to take charge  and implement changes and new habits. I firmly believe that we are all responsible on some level for own health and that we can take simple steps to improve and maintain our health and wellbeing. By making the right choices in diet, lifestyle, exercise etc. we can go along way to achieving health, happiness and the life we want for ourselves.

I will share my experiences and knowledge. As I head towards my mid-fifties I look back and sometimes think I have more life experiences than I care to remember! But I’m still here and loving my life.  Sometimes I am serious and other times a little bit quirky and off-beat. I am also a great believer in trying things myself where possible before recommending them to my clients. So please read and enjoy, join in and make use of the information. As the saying goes even the longest journey starts with the first small step.

Here’s to health and happiness.


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