7 Tips For More Natural Eating

It is all too easy in today’s world of fast foods, laden supermarket shelves and convenience foods to find ourselves consuming un-natural foods. Here are 7 tips for eating more naturally.

Have healthy snacks
If you are in the habit of snacking on junk food, or any food made mostly from sugar and white flour, replace it with something more natural like nuts, seeds, dried fruit or fresh fruit.

Eat mostly plants
Design your meals by starting with fresh vegetables or fruit and complex carbohydrates. Only then add in other foods.

Have more salads
Make one meal a day a salad meal. This does not mean a feeble serving of iceberg lettuce, bit of cucumber and a tomato with a topping of mayonnaise. Try a variety of salad leaves, spinach leaves, red cabbage, raw carrot and broccoli, the combinations could be infinite. Top it with some nuts or seeds or avocado. For dressing try a little olive oil with balsamic vinegar.

Ditch the fizzy drinks
If you have a coca-cola habit, or are used to drinking some form of carbonated beverage every day, try to replace them with more healthy drinks. If you cut out just one fizzy drink per day, that is the same as eliminating about 300 teaspoons of sugar from your body every month; or if you go for the ‘diet’ versions you are saving yourself from a hefty dose of Aspartame.

Plan your shopping
Use a list when you go shopping. Buy food from different stores or markets. If you continue to shop the same way you always have, then you’ll continue to buy the same foods and eat them the same way. Try new fresh and seasonal foods.

Vary your diet
Eat different foods and vary your diet. Seek out new recipes and expand your knowledge of the different foods available. If you are currently eating the same narrow group of foods you may missing out on vital nutrients, vitamins or minerals.

Be aware of labels
Start reading food labels in earnest. You have no idea what is in pre-packaged foods until you read the label. Get to know the chemicals. A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t have it in your kitchen cupboard, or your grandmother wouldn’t recognise it then it’s probably not very good for you!

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