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As part of my work I often advise patients on which supplements they should be taking. Even a basic maintenance program can involve several different nutritional supplements and when you have more serious health problems then a large number of supplements are often required. People are often surprised at the recommendations I make and I’m often asked if they are really necessary. I always give the same answer which is that you cannot get all you need from your food, even when it is a good wholesome diet, which most people’s are not. Upgrading your diet will help but supplements will assist in a faster return to health. If there is a lot of damage then you will need assistance in repairing the damage.

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I do not make recommendations lightly because good quality supplements are expensive, and do not recommend anything I do not do (or would not do) myself. So by way of illustration I thought I would share my personal supplement regime with you.

Listed are the nutritional supplements which I take daily.

A multi vitamin and mineral complex –( high magnesium formula) 4 capsules providing 660 mg of magnesium. Alongside the magnesium are all its co-factors (B vitamins, Zinc, Vitamins C and E), plus other trace minerals.

A Probiotic containing several billion bacteria of various types – 2 capsules. I tend to take a course of probiotics  2-3 times a year to maintain good gut health.

A high strength Anti-oxidant containing a wide spectrum of anti-oxidant compounds – 1 capsule

Chromium – (2 capsules) to help maintain blood sugar balance and weight maintenance. I have a history of having a sweet tooth and as I am getting older my bodily processes are not so efficient.

Vitamin E – Extra anti-oxidant protection and to protect against cardio-vascular problems which run in my family history.

High Potency Fish Oil – 1 teaspoon. To obtain a good dose of omega-3 oils

Adrenal glandular support – 1 tablet. I tend to work hard and not stop and relax enough. This helps to support my adrenal glands.

Vitamin D – 1 tablet. I take this in the autumn and winter months when exposure to sunlight is low.

Iodine – 1 tablet – This is to support the thyroid as I get older. I do not use salt and do not like sea vegetables.

CoQ10 – 1 capsule.  This is to assist with declining cellular activity as I get older and also to help with gum health.

Natural Melatonin – 1-2 capsules. This is for added protection( being a strong anti-oxidant) against electro-magnetic pollution ( I work a lot with PCs and WiFi networks) and for good sleep.

This I might add is in addition to a very healthy, high raw, diet. So far, I have managed to stay free of illness, not even a cold, and I can’t even remember when I last visited my doctor. I am also told that I look considerably younger than my years.


  1. Hi,

    So glad I found your blog. Lovely stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your list. I must admit, I only use a subset of these, so would be interesting to add the others and test how they work with me.

    One thing: how do you deal with having to swallow all of those pills? I feel … weird doing that.

    Have a wonderful day.

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