You Need to Prepare the Ground Before Planting the Seed.

Pre-conception care

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The health and wellbeing of any child is directly affected by the health of both the father and mother at the time of conception and beyond. Therefore when a couple are considering having a child it is very important for them to prepare themselves physically as much as possible. Anything the mother and father can do to optimise their reproductive and whole body health is going to have a positive effect on the future health and happiness of their child.

We inherit a toxic load from our parents and other immediate ancestors. Professor Michael Skinner ofWashingtonStateUniversityhas stated “.. what your grandmother was exposed to when she was pregnant could cause a disease in you, even though you had no exposure – and you’re going to pass it to your great-grandchildren.” That’s quite a scary thought, wouldn’t you agree?  It is believed that we inherit predispositions that affect our own health, and we pass these down through the generations, so that a mild tendency in one generation may become increasingly severe further down the line.

Did you know that your mother produced all of the eggs that you carry whilst you were still in the womb? All you can do is look after them and provide as good an environment as possible. Did you know it takes about 3 months for a man to make his sperm? So you can see that it will take time to prepare for conception.

By undertaking a pre-conceptual detox program you will have the opportunity to clear some of the toxic load that you have inherited. This will help your body to be clear and vibrant enough to create a healthy and nurturing environment in which to start growing a baby. If you do your best to remove your toxic load, your body will be freed up and have more energy to devote to getting and being pregnant. Furthermore your children may have the potential for greater vitality and wellbeing.

Whether you have fertility issues or not, an effective pre-conceptual care programme is an obvious and necessary choice for everyone planning for a baby.

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