Trying for a baby? Five Factors which can affect your fertility

factors affecting fertility

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Mobile phones

Studies have shown that the more you use your mobile phone the more of a detrimental effect it can have on your sperm count, motility, viability and morphology. Furthermore most men carry their mobile phones in their trouser pockets which are generally directly next to the testes, where the sperm are held.

Don’t carry your phone on your body if you can avoid it and certainly not in the lower regions. On the same note I have noticed a tendency of late for ladies and young girls to tuck their mobiles into their bras. This is very damaging to breast health and may be a contributory factor to future breast cancer.

The new generation of SMART phones emit much greater electromagnetic fields (EMFs) than traditional mobiles, even when they are switched off. The best thing you can do is to switch you phone into ‘Airplane mode’ whenever you are not using it.


Generally the screens of laptop computers emit lower electromagnetic fields than desktop computers. However laptops with built in wi-fi may continually be searching for a signal which will increase their EMFs. The trend also is for people to sit with these machines on their laps, again right next to the reproductive organs in both males and females. Try and use your laptop on a desk or table top.

EMFs may also disturb the quality of our sleep, and night time is when our bodies need to rest, repair and renew. So reduce the amount of electrical appliances in your bedroom and switch your wi-fi off at night time.


One of the key factors regarding alcohol is that it depletes the zinc in your body. Zinc is a crucial ingredient when it comes to reproductive health and is essential for making healthy sperm. Zinc is also important for many other bodily processes including making enzymes and fluids vital for digestive health. If your digestive health is not good then you won’t absorb all the nutrients you need to optimise your fertility.

Mothers who drink heavily may have babies with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome which causes limited growth, mental retardation and distinct facial characteristics.

With mothers who drink moderately there seems to be a tendency towards the child having allergies, depression, obesity and a lower intelligence.


Smoking, both active and passive can affect fertility.

Men who smoke tend to have a lower sperm count and sperm with poor motility, abnormal shape and function. Women who smoke may damage their ovaries.

Smoking increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and stillbirth and has also been linked to spina bifida and mental retardation in the child.

The dangers of smoking during pregnancy are well publicised. It has also been associated with various issues related to the health of the child including low birth weight, ADHD, and a tendency towards chronic disease such as heart problems and diabetes in later life.


Your body needs to be well hydrated so that it can transport nutrients, hormones, toxins and waste materials to the right place at the right time.

Hydration is not just concerned with drinking water. For fluids to be able to flow dynamically around your body you need oils and fats (omega 3 and omega 6) and electrolytes such as Magnesium and Potassium. These nutrients come from a well balanced, healthy diet.

You also need to be as stress free as possible.

The quality of your tap water will vary from place to place, but generally there are high levels of chlorine, fluorine, oestrogens and other foreign chemicals found within it. So consider using a water filter or other source of clean water.


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  2. Hey, great share….
    I really loved your post as it is quite informative. Me and my husband are trying hard to have a baby from 2 years but nothing is turning out to be fruitful. Sometimes I really feel hopeless.

    I completely agree that these factors are actually responsible for affecting one’s fertility. I am going to keep all these things in my mind. Thanks for sharing this useful post.
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