31 days of pressure – otherwise known as the Ultimate Blog Challenge!


OK so I’ve gone and done it again! Signed up for the Ultimate blog challenge where I commit to posting 31 articles to my blog during October. It’s not like I need the work. I’ve just taken the step of ditching my part-time employment to concentrate fully on my business and have more than enough to do. Still, I participated in the July challenge for the first time and I’m proud to say I did complete it. But this time around it was a last minute decision and I’m not well prepared. After the mammoth session in July I have taken a break from blogging, so this is going to be a bit of a shock both for me and my readers.

Why do I do it? Well a couple of reasons. I figure it is good for me; writing doesn’t come easily – I’m a sort of ‘here are the facts, plain and simple, no flowery language’ girl, so it will stretch me and put me slightly out of my comfort zone. The other reason is that it is a great way to reach out and make new friends and contacts. I also enjoy reading posts which are about subjects completely unrelated to mine – gives me a broader perspective on life.

So who knows what will issue forth from my random thoughts. My core business is Natural and Alternative Health and therefore most of my writing is about this. The aim of my posts is to share information with you that will enable you to take charge  and implement changes and form new habits. I firmly believe that we are all responsible on some level for own health and that we can take simple steps to improve and maintain our health and wellbeing. By making the right choices in diet, lifestyle, exercise etc. we can go along way to achieving health, happiness and the life we want for ourselves.

I will share my experiences and knowledge. As I head towards my mid-fifties I look back and sometimes think I have more life experiences than I care to remember! But I’m still here and loving my life.  Sometimes I am serious and other times a little bit quirky and off-beat. I am also a great believer in trying things myself where possible before recommending them to my clients. So please read and enjoy, join in and make use of the information. As the saying goes even the longest journey starts with the first small step.

So good luck to everyone else taking up the challenge, and I look forward to connecting with you all. Maybe you’d like to share what made you sign up!



  1. I just posted my first blog post today in over a year! I too was inspired by the blog challenge. I also believe that we are all responsible on some level for own health and that we can take simple steps to improve and maintain our health and wellbeing. Enjoy the challenge and I know you will rock it our again!
    dana recently posted..Are you a SoulFit Woman?My Profile

  2. I have joined the 31 day blog challenge too. It will make me think more about how to share my business this time. I like your articles.
    Debbie recently posted..Aloe products for the purse…My Profile

  3. Awesome! I love that aspect of the blog challenge, too. So many blogs on different topics than I usually great are great for learning new things.
    Michelle recently posted..What Are You Tolerating?My Profile

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