Enjoy Christmas Eating Without Overindulging

Indulgent food

Christmas feast

For many people Christmas is a time of unparalleled excess! The holiday season is often a time when you give in to indulgences. And why not, if it feels good for you? Congratulations, you deserve to spoil yourself.

Of course, edible treats are probably high on your list of indulgences. You will no doubt be attracted by the rich, indulgent foods, alcohol and chocolate which is so plentiful at this time of year. While it’s okay to partake in the feasting , it’s important to set some limits so you don’t end up overindulging, and then regret it later.

Try these behaviour modifiers to help curb your gastronomic enthusiasm during the holiday season:



Drink water first. One quick and easy tip for ensuring you avoid overindulging on Christmas treats is drinking a glass or two of water before you start munching. Science indicates that your brain doesn’t know the difference between the fullness created by water and that created by food.
When you drink water, your brain and body think that you’ve started to
fill up. However the feeling of fullness from water doesn’t last very long. So tackle the food while the feeling is at its peak. This approach allows you to fill up on calorie-free water to cut down the space left in your stomach for actual food.
Plus, your body needs this extra hydration when you’re eating calorie-rich

Take small portions. Remember that your body is like a machine that goes through processes on a consistent basis. It needs time to digest what you’ve put into it.
When at the Christmas office party or your family dinner, take small
portions each time so your body gets a chance to break down what you
eat. Having smaller portions at each sitting allows you to maintain your energy
level instead of feeling bogged down by the weight of a hefty meal in your
stomach. I’m sure we all know that feeling of needing to have an after dinner snooze following a heavy meal. Your body required all its energy for digestion.

Keep moving. While you feast on the wonderfully tasty treats from your
Christmas eating exploits, make it a point to keep moving around so you’re not constantly sitting in front of a plate of food or standing next to the buffet table. Walking around and talking with others while you munch serves as a distraction and can eventually lead to you feeling full quicker than you normally do. Plus its hard to be socially attractive with a mouth constantly full of food!
Moving while eating also helps maintain a healthy metabolism so food
consumed can be easily digested.
Rather than have a slumber after your celebratory meal go for a long walk or get dancing.

Stick to your exercise schedule. If you want to be able to eat like there’s no tomorrow, find time to exercise so that what you eat doesn’t get the chance to negatively impact things like cholesterol, heart functioning, and body fat.
By all means, you should enjoy all that Christmas has to offer, including the food! Just ensure to maintain a balanced lifestyle so there will be no regrets when you look in the mirror at the start of the New Year!

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