5 Weight Loss Strategies that work

Weight Loss For Life – 5 Strategies That Really Work!

 Why do you want to lose weight?

For many people it is as simple as wanting to look better or to look like they used to when they were younger. Other people want to lose weight because their doctor told them to. Maybe you want to lose weight because you simply think you should.

Before you begin a weight loss program it’s important to consider why you’re starting it.

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  • Do you want to look better?
  • Do you want to feel better?
  • Do you think you should lose weight?
  • Did someone tell you to lose weight?

Analyze your reasons. They’re important because reasons can become obstacles.

The only thing that’s standing in your way of success is you. If you want to lose weight for reasons that aren’t really motivating then it’s going to be a struggle. Your approach to your weight loss is extremely important. If you’re losing weight for someone else or because you think you should, then the process can be difficult.

Losing weight and keeping it off isn’t about dieting. It shouldn’t be about deprivation and torture either. In fact, if you want to keep the weight off after you lose it, you shouldn’t drastic steps, but instead, you should create habits.

In this article we are going to examine 5 strategies that will help you to lose weight. Each strategy is a habit.

Weight Loss Strategy 1 – Embracing a Positive Mindset

When you can embrace a positive and loving mindset, you’ll believe in yourself and you’ll have more willpower. You’ll be more motivated. And you’ll forgive yourself for the occasional mistakes.

Mindset is about more than just loving yourself., it’s about adopting a positive and motivated attitude too. Three tools you can use to embrace a positive mindset include Affirmations, Visualization, and Gratitude.

Affirmations are positive sayings that help you eliminate negative thoughts. For example, if you find that you’re often saying or thinking, “I hate my stomach” you can replace that thought with “I love my stomach. My body takes great care of me.”

Visualization is a powerful tool which can help us accomplish our goals. When you use visualization you’re essentially visualizing success. Visualization helps you not only feel success in your mind and body, it can help motivate you. Use visualization each morning when you wake. Visualize yourself at the weight you want to be. You’ll begin to think of yourself at that weight and the pounds will fall off.

The practice of gratitude will help you think of your body in a positive manner. Instead of focusing on the negative, take a few minutes to consider what you have to be grateful for.

Weight Loss Strategy 2 – Goal Setting

One of the biggest reasons people don’t succeed with their weight loss goals is because they’ve set the wrong goals. They’ve taken the wrong approach to goal setting and weight loss.

The key to proper goal setting is twofold:

1 Create an ideal goal. For example, “I want to lose fifty pounds.”

2 Create smaller, achievable goals, to support that ideal goal. For example, I want to lose one pound a week. By the end of the year I will have lost 50 pounds.

Now, losing one pound a week is much easier to manage and control. You can easily make changes to your lifestyle that support this smaller goal. Additionally, there’s a little wiggle room with this goal because there are 52 weeks in a year. That means there are two weeks where you don’t have to lose anything. And the weeks where you lose more than one pound will be bonus weeks.

Weight Loss Strategy 3 – Expand your food horizons

Chances are there are thousands of foods you’ve never tasted. One of the keys to overall health and longevity is to eat a wide variety of foods. Unfortunately, one of the reasons many people are overweight is because they eat a very limited selection of food. And those foods aren’t necessarily good for them.

Broaden your food horizons. This will help you change your diet to include not only variety but more healthy choices. For example, if you try a new vegetable each week you can try different preparations. Pak Choi is a vegetable that’s common in many Asian recipes. You can eat it steamed, stir-fried, and raw. If you’ve never had Pak Choi, buy some next time you are out shopping and try a few recipes that include it.

Note: It takes 3-7 tastes before most people can decide if they like a flavour. Give your taste buds a chance to adapt. If you’ve been eating processed, sugary and fatty foods then it may take some time to adapt to a new and healthy flavour. Give your taste buds a chance.

Weight Loss Strategy 4 – Aerobic Exercise

The truth about losing weight is simple. You don’t have to exercise to lose weight. As long as you consume fewer calories than you burn you’ll lose weight. Let’s take a look at the numbers. A pound equates 3500 calories. If you reduce your caloric intake by 500 calories a day you’ll lose a pound a week. That sounds pretty good, right? It shouldn’t be too hard to reduce your caloric intake.

Unfortunately, most people, a: Like food and enjoy eating and b: Don’t really know how much they consume in calories each day which makes cutting back more difficult.

If you like food and want to eat more than celery sticks and egg whites then you’re going to want to add exercise into your life.

Weight Loss Strategy 5 – Be Prepared

There will be days that challenge your new lifestyle and habits. Extremely stressful days for example will challenge you to not fall back into your old ways of takeaway foods or sugary snacks. A meeting that goes over and leaves you feeling extremely hungry will challenge you to skip the easy solution – the vending machine right around the corner, and instead make healthy choices.

This is where being prepared can make all the difference. Your definition of being prepared depends on your personality. Some people will decide to plan all of their meals in advance, shop according to a list and be extremely strict about their meal choices.

Preparation to someone else may mean purchasing a box of healthy meal bars for those unexpected food emergencies and keeping bars in their car, in their desk and in their briefcase or handbag.

Preparation to someone may mean buying a treadmill for their home so if plans to go to the gym fall through they can still get a workout when they get home.

Someone else may simply modify their diet that day to account for the fewer calories burned.

You’ll need to define how you want to be prepared for life’s little surprises. How are you going to meet those challenges and still stay on track to achieve your weight loss goals?

Have you struggled with weight loss? Which of these strategies might work for you?


  1. I really need to take a close look at 3 and 5 and apply them. Both of those nailed it for me. I need to open up my horizons and I need to plan.
    Joanne recently posted..Spot and Dot – 3 syllablesMy Profile

  2. Great post, detailed and helpful 🙂

  3. I am going to run this off and keep it handy.
    Debbie recently posted..3 tips to avoid negativity in your day.My Profile

  4. I did not know this: “It takes 3-7 tastes before most people can decide if they like a flavour.” That’s interesting. I do know there are things I’ll eat now that I didn’t used to. So it may be that I’ve been deciding all along 🙂

    I think the other thing is when you’re changing your eating habits, especially if you’re removing sugar or gluten or whatever, you may go through a detox and end up blaming the wrong thing.

    Thanks Dot
    Sue recently posted..A Clean CellMy Profile

  5. Love the way you’ve organized the weight loss strategies! Great post, Dot.
    Louise Myers Graphic Design recently posted..Best FREE Photo Sites: The Most Recommended Free Image SitesMy Profile

  6. Great strategies Dot. It is all encompassing – you can’t just do one or a couple.
    Michelle Nichols recently posted..Happiness and Balance in Business…A Little ExerciseMy Profile

  7. I have found keeping track of what you eat really helps. There are a number of great apps out there so you can enter in what you eat and keep track of calories etc. Very helpful.
    Toni Nelson recently posted..How To Fight Overwhelm In Your BusinessMy Profile

  8. Great tips thanks.

    I’m personally struggling to lose about 1/2 stone – which is proving difficult to shift.
    So I adopted a dangerous strategy… I bought a fairly expensive dress that’s a teensy bit tight for me, and my goal is to get comfortably into it in time for my next holiday.

    Wish me luck.
    Joy Healey recently posted..Nutritional MineralsMy Profile

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