Bringing Your Aspirations and Visions To Life

So here is the first day of the New Year and the first day of a new blog challenge. I wasn’t sure about signing up this time, because although I manage to complete the last two successfully I really am not sure that I have the bandwidth in my days to  do so this time. But I have signed up anyway with the intention of at least getting some material out there during the month.

I sat here this morning musing on what to write about and almost inevitably my thoughts turned to New Year resolutions, good intentions, planning etc. But nearly everyone will be writing about that I thought and I don’t want to churn out more of the same.

I don’t know about you but I have some morning rituals, one of which is to select a card from my deck of Unicorn cards and from my deck of Angel cards. This morning’s cards were ‘Aspiration’ and ‘Dreams’.

OK, so I get the message!

My Unicorn card – Aspirations



So today I am going to write about Vision Boards.

Every year I lay out goals for my business, my personal life, home, finances etc. Instead of just writing these down and consigning them to a document or journal which will only get reviewed monthly or whatever, I translate them into a series of Vision Boards.

A ‘Vision Board’is a pictorial representation of your vision and goals for the next few months or year. Essentially what you do is create a montage of images which illustrate your ultimate goal.

To create a vision board:

Find a large sheet of card or paper which will serve as your base.

Then source images from magazines, the internet, photographs, newspapers etc. which have a meaningful representation for you. For example if your goal is to have a lithe and supple body, find a picture of a gymnast or someone doing yoga. If your aim is to have children then find pictures of babies or a family. You get the idea.

Stick all of these images onto your sheet of paper / card. You might also like to add inspiring words or phrases. You can also add stickers, shiny objects, glitter, feathers etc.-  in fact anything which appeals to you and conveys the message and feelings associated with your goals. This should be a fun exercise, so set aside an hour or two to play with this. There are no hard and fast rules, so just do whatever you are drawn to.

You may decide that you want more than one board. I generally make several, one for different aspects of my life such as a Business Vision board, A Money vision board and a Diet vision board. One of my great passions is travel and I am currently making one for all the places I want to visit. It’s great fun going through holiday brochures and the internet and selecting images of appealing locations. At this moment in time I have no idea of where I might actually travel to, or how I’m going to fund it. But that is not the point, allow your dreams to become more tangible by stating them out loud as it were and you have a greater chance of manifesting them.

I like to laminate my vision boards and then make several copies which I place in different places around my office, home, files etc. (see the example of one of my old vision boards for an illustration)

Vision Board

Once you have completed your vision board(s) then display it where you can see it. The boards will serve as a constant reminder as to your goals and vision and will encourage you to move forward towards those goals.

The exciting part comes when you look back at your boards after a few months or years and see how many of your dreams have come to fruition!

Have you any experience of playing with vision boards?

What boards would you like to create?

I would love to hear about your experiences – please share.


  1. I think the universe is telling me i need to do a vision board. I havent done one for years. I found one I made years ago on travelling and where i want to go, it worked I went around the world a little while after. I recently bought an ebook called Create Your Incredible Year and this suggestion was in there. I gave it a passing thought but didnt do it. Now I read your post today on the first day of 2013 and its about making one. I need to get me some dreamboard action going now! The seed has been planted.
    Te recently posted..Ultimate Blog Challenge – 31 Days of PostingMy Profile

  2. Hi Dot, I created a vision board a few years ago after doing a one day workshop. Just like you said, cardboard and cutouts from magazines. It ended up being stuffed in my wardrobe! However, last week I was cruising around on Pinterest, and decided to set up my secret board as a vision board for my business. So I am going to road test that as my vision board for my business to see how I go. Michelle
    Michelle Nichols recently posted..3 Words for 2013My Profile

    • Pinterest is great for vision boards, as long as you remember to keep going and looking at them! I am curious to know if anything from your original vision board ever made it into reality, or whether you still have those same desires as you did when you made that first board? Sometimes vision boards can serve as a tool to show us how much we change our ideas and aspirations over time.

  3. Hi Dot,
    Vision boards are commonly used by graphic designers to bring together design elements and ideas when working on a new design project for a client. They are great for keeping your (and the client’s) ideas together in one place and to keep your inspiration in the front of your mind while you are creating design concepts for the client.

    It’s fascinating to see your use of vision boards as a tool for motivating yourself in reaching your life goals. They’re very effective at stimulating creativity as well as consolidating your ideas and plans. It sounds like they have the same effect for you, too.
    Tracey Grady recently posted..Why You Should Start a Quiz ClubMy Profile

  4. I used a vision board to get to do some traveling. I went to San Francisco and China and was able to do all of the things I wanted to do in each of those places. Now my visions are focused on my business and creating products that can be helpful to others.
    Joanne recently posted..Supertintin Rocks!My Profile

  5. Happy New Year, Dot!
    Would you believe I’m sat surrounded by clippings – I’ve never done a vision board. For some reason I had the urge to put my aspirations out there and keep them visible this year. Since my main note to self from 2012 is “trust your gut” I went with it.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Jan recently posted..It’s that time again – The Ultimate Blog ChallengeMy Profile

  6. i love doing vision boards. and what a great morning ritual!
    janet recently posted..My Top 5 Transformations for the New YearMy Profile

  7. Thanks for the vision board explanation! This is something I will definitely try! I like the idea of having more than one (different ones for each area of your life).

  8. You should turn this post into a video for your website:)

  9. I love vision boards and also use vision movies that my friend makes which are wonderful as well!
    Stacey Myers recently posted..Are You Up For The Blog Challenge?My Profile

  10. Hi Dot!
    Love the idea of a vision board for your dreams and aspirations! Visuals are powerful. Thanks for sharing this post – much success to you!
    Louise Myers Graphic Design recently posted..Rock your Facebook Marketing Strategy with Images!My Profile

  11. Hi Dot,
    I’ve not used vision boards for myself before, but have several friends and colleagues who swear by them. Since its the start of a new year and trying new things I may just have to get this going!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Julie Myers recently posted..The Ultimate Blog ChallengeMy Profile

  12. I love Unicorns and oracle cards. What deck is that from?
    I haven’t done a vision board but have started gathering pictures a couple of times. I have seen some vision movies too.
    Sue recently posted..Blank CanvasMy Profile

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