Do you choose to live a vibrant, healthy life?

value your health

Do you value your health? Or do you only think about it when illness strikes?

Here are some affirmations to help you be more consistent.

I choose to live a vibrant, healthy life.

If I want to be full of joyful energy, I must live a healthy lifestyle that provides all the energy I need. I also practice mental exercises on a daily basis that facilitate my healthy lifestyle as well as my optimism, happiness, and self-fulfillment.

My choice to be healthy includes eating nutritious foods.

When I have a choice between picking up fast food and having a healthy meal, I opt for the healthy option. To make this easier, I plan ahead and make sure there is always healthy food in the cupboard / fridge / freezer for  those especially busy days.

I make it a point to exercise everyday.

Even if I don’t have time for a workout, I stay active and make healthy choices. I take the stairs instead of the lift. When I go shopping, I park further away in the car park. I play active games with my kids and pets and go for long walks with my family and friends.

My joyful and adventurous attitude helps me feel vibrant.

I pray or meditate every day to inspire and motivate me. I practice positive self-talk and repeat positive affirmations to banish negative thoughts and feelings. I venture out of my comfort zone to take on new adventures with gusto.

Today, I plan to make healthy choices and experience total enthusiasm in everything I do.

Now pause and reflect on YOUR life choices.

1. Do You choose to live a vibrant life?

2. Do Your choices for exercise and food match your real desires for how you’d rather live?

3. How can you add more enthusiasm to your daily life?



  1. I seriously value health every day. I am very concerned about what I put in my body. I don’t really believe that it is ok to have something “in moderation” if it s something that is harmful. If you practice good habits every day it will become a part of your life. Eat right and move it or lose it!
    Sabrina Espinal recently posted..I’m A 2nd MommyMy Profile

  2. Dot,
    This has always been a challenge for me, going through the things I did in my childhood and being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic depression in my 20’s. not having learned the basics of nutrition, self-care, and healthy, constructive ways of managing stress and coping with conflict, loss, and tragedy set me up to live out the belief that my life was always going to be one of lack, chaos, stress, fatigue, and pain. Consequently my life choices and life habits have been anything other than vibrant and healthy.

    I am truly working to change that, but it’s like scraping and removing decades worth of grungy, worn, and stuck on layers of paint and wallpaper before restoring the original beauty of the walls when doing a remodel of a historic house. I’m getting there, slowly, and it looks a bit messy in the process.

    Thanks for your post and affirmations,.

    Kina Diaz DeLeon recently posted..Freshly Pressed: Friday FavesMy Profile

    • Just keep going, one step at a time and you’ll get there. As the saying goes ‘ what’s the best way to eat an elephant?’ one bite at a time

  3. Yesterday, I was feeling very tired and run down. Tried to power nap but didn’t work. A walk with the family and dogs did the trick! Fresh and revived.
    Michelle Nichols recently posted..Don’t Forget the Velcro! Tips for Expos & Trade ShowsMy Profile

  4. I choose to live a vibrant life!! 🙂 I do my best to make good choices, though I’m not perfect. But I continue to strive each day.

    Thanks Dot.
    Sue recently posted..Reward YourselfMy Profile

  5. I try & live a vibrant life. We only have one body & have to take care of it.
    Toni Nelson recently posted..The State of Small Business in 2013My Profile

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