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living a conscious lifeAll too often we are thinking about things that have happened or looking ahead to events which are about to happen. Rarely do we really live ‘in the moment’, and yet in order to feel more content and at peace we should be relish each moment because that is the only true time we have.

So here are some words of reflection and affirmation to help you focus on living your life consciously.

“Living life consciously brings me peace.”

When life feels busy or frantic then seek out peace and tranquility. If you take time to thoughtfully consider each action you take throughout the day, you will feel more connected with life. And feeling more connected will help you to find tranquility. Really bringing your consciousness to bear on the activity you are doing  will help you to find peace

“I remain emotionally present in each moment.”

Perform each of your activities with purpose and attention. Consider what you want to achieve and then keep your mind on the task. Focus on each action one at a time. For example, if you are washing the car, then think about how much more pleasant it is to ride in a clean car. If you are doing the housework, vacuuming and dusting, then reflect on how you are creating a beautiful environment in which to live. If you are reading a novel, really focus on the words and get drawn into story.

When you are really conscious of what you are doing, life becomes so much richer.

“My existence is more fulfilling and enriched because I experience life with all my senses.”

As you begin to live more consciously, make full use of all your senses and notice all the sights, sounds, smells and tactile experiences around you. Take time to fully experience your environment. Appreciate all the small details of your life, slow down and become really aware.

Self-Reflection Questions:

What does living consciously mean for you?

Do you live a purposeful life?

In your daily life, what feelings do you commonly experience? Do you feel at peace?

How can you alter your current routines to increase consciousness and tranquility?


  1. Good thoughts here, Dot! Mindful, conscious living is always a good thing. I notice that you advocate a purposeful life as well, and that’s exactly what my blog struggles with!

    Great work at making the world a better place!



  2. Being in the moment is something that I struggle with but I find it comes easier as I grow older – perhaps slowing down is not all a bad thing. Life is too short- it is a crime not to savor each moment of small pleasures.
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  3. HI Dot, stopping by from UBC to say hi! To me, living consciously means being able to direct my impact in my relationships and in my life. I’m most successful in doing this when I’m conscious of my feelings and consistently expressing and releasing them. This way, I’m not walking around with feelings unexpressed that then have unwanted impact on my relationships and my life.
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  4. This is a wonderful reminder about how important it is to stay present and in the flow of the moment. It’s so easy to get distracted and flit from one activity to another and I struggle with this a lot. I have so many areas of interest!
    Deb Dutilh recently posted..International Moment Of Laughter Day!My Profile

  5. I have to say I am better now that I’m getting older. I’ve slowed down a lot, I’m enjoying watching my Granddaughter grow up. I’m with her everyday and enjoying every single second.
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    Peanut Butter and Whine
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  6. Great advice. I try to live in the moment, but sometimes, I stop and look around and realize I’d somehow jumped back into the rat-race without realizing it.

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    • Yes its not always easy to stay focused on the present. But its like any habit – the more you practice the easier and more natural it becomes.

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