Want to be a Mum? How to get pregnant quicker and more successfully

how to get pregnant quickerIntroduction

If you want to know how to get pregnant more quickly, avoid miscarriage, minimise the risk of pregnancy complications and have a healthy child, then read on.

The importance of preparation

The health and wellbeing of any child is directly affected by the health of both the father and mother at the time of conception and beyond.

By undertaking a pre-conceptual detox program you will have the opportunity to clear some of the toxic load that you have accumulated through your life due to inheritance, dietary choices and lifestyle activities. A pre-conception cleanse will help your body to be clear and vibrant enough to create a healthy and nurturing environment in which to start growing a baby, and to have more energy to devote to getting and being pregnant. Furthermore your children are likely to be healthier.

It takes about 120 days for an egg to mature, and for sperm to be as healthy as possible. So everything you do or are exposed to for at least 120 days prior to a conception attempt will have a huge impact on your ability to conceive and also your future child’s healthy development. Ideally you should allow yourself at least 3- 4 months, to prepare for conception.

By taking the time to prepare and implement changes in some key areas you are going to massively increase your chances of conception and a successful pregnancy, with less chance of miscarriage, pregnancy complications, premature birth or birth defects

The areas you need to look at are:

  •  Nutrition and diet
  • Emotional health and stress
  • Environmental dangers

You will be more successful if you have a plan to follow. This should contain a co-ordinated set of actions and strategies based on each of the areas mentioned above. Do not attempt to try things in a piecemeal approach. For example, don’t take a particular supplement or herb just because you have heard that it worked for someone else, yet at the same time continue to drink coffee and eat processed foods.

It is also wise to engage the services of a professional therapist who is qualified and experienced in fertility work to help you implement your pre-conception program and to support you through it, so that you can make the most of your opportunities and be as fully prepared as possible.

Nutrition and Diet

healthy nutrition for conception

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You need to eat a diet which will maximise your reproductive functions and which will support your hormonal system and bring it into balance, i.e. a fertility boosting diet.

Some foods you currently eat may be contributing to certain conditions in your body such as over-acidity, sluggishness, inflammation, bacterial imbalance, dehydration or stagnation. These conditions can prevent you from detoxifying, regulating your hormonal cycle, conceiving a child or maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Foods which commonly cause problems include dairy products, gluten, damaged fats, refined sugar and caffeine. Many foods especially non-organic and pre-packaged foods also contain genetically modified substances, artificial colourings and flavourings, neurotoxins and carcinogens such as aspartame, pesticides, and hormones. In addition processed and convenience foods usually contain high levels of salt, sugar and damaged fats.

A fertility diet will support your body in its reproductive efforts. It includes foods which are rich in nutrients needed for healthy hormonal function, egg health, blood health and foetal development. In essence you need to remove foods which cause stress to, or over-tax your body and increase the amount of nutrient rich and health promoting foods. You should be eating natural, organic, freshly prepared foods.

Food supplements are an essential part of any fertility plan, especially if your diet and nutrition has been less than perfect up until now. You are more than likely to be deficient in various nutrients, and supplements are the way to get luxury quantities into you fast. However you will have your own individual requirements and so this is another good reason to work with an expert who can prescribe a supplement program tailored for you.

Maintaining Emotional Health and Managing Stress

Stress, in whatever form, tends to rob the body of vital nutrients and in doing so strains your nerves and your hormonal system. Due to our

stress and fertility

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ancestral conditioning when we are affected by any form of stress our bodies go into ‘fight or flight’ mode. Energy and resources tend to be diverted away from non-essential activities such as sperm making or maturing eggs and become focused on areas such as muscles, circulation and adrenals to keep you alert and ready for action. So stress affects your hormonal balance, it can disrupt ovulation and the pattern of your monthly cycle.

Do you know when you are stressed? We usually recognise major stressful events and there may be very obvious physical signs such as shaking, racing heart, headaches, being unable to eat; or mental and emotional reactions such as worrying, shouting, crying or becoming hysterical.

However life’s challenges may become cumulative in their effects, slowly building up so we don’t necessarily recognise that we are under stress. There will be a negative effect on your entire well-being, but the signs and symptoms may be less obvious.

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Keeping yourself safe from dangers in your environment

toxins in your environmentFertility, both male and female can be adversely affected by various toxins present in our environment. Although any one substance might not cause a problem by itself, it is the accumulation of the various chemicals and pollutants which combine to produce a potentially toxic cocktail which can upset the delicate balance of hormones sufficiently to reduce your chances of conceiving.

Here are some of the more common hazards you would be advised to avoid.

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