6 things not to do when you’re trying to lose weight

Here are some tips on what not to do if you want to lose weight.

tips for losing weight

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Don’t eat when you are not hungry – and I mean truly hungry. Many people eat for amusement, through boredom or simply because food is there in front of them. It is not necessary to eat every scrap of food on your plate, or  that is in the serving dish just because it is there. If you are trying to shift some excess pounds then try and adopt the habit of leaving some food on your plate at the end of every meal. Stop eating when you feel satisfied, not completely stuffed.

Don’t eat when you are upset – your digestive system does not function well when you are stressed or upset. You are more likely to suffer with indigestion, bloating, constipation and the like, if your digestive system is unable to process your food efficiently. If your mind is on other matters you are less likely to be conscious of what you are eating and hence over-eat.

Don’t drink large amounts of liquid with your meals – your digestive enzymes will be diluted and therefore your digestive process will not be as efficient. You will encounter the same problems as mentioned above.

Don’t weigh yourself every day. This will just lead you into a state of anxiety as you look for quick and dramatic results. You need to give your body and your metabolism time to adjust. Remember it is unlikely you gained the extra weight overnight, so it stands to reason that you are not going to lose it overnight. A slow and steady weight loss is much more likely to achieve lasting results.

Don’t lose faith – don’t be disheartened if your weight loss is not constant and steady. Many people go through a period of weight loss followed by a ‘plateau’ when nothing much seems to change. Everyone’s bodies are different and it could take six weeks or six months to retrain your metabolism.

Don’t go it alone – If you are struggling to maintain your new regime or even get fully started then enlist some help. You may need some external accountability to help you establish your own internal disciplines. There are many diet programs, diet clubs or personal coaches. Engage with whoever or whatever is going to work for you.



  1. Thanks for the empowering post. Great reminders. The one about weighing yourself everyday
    may seem simple, however, as you state it will send you into a downward spiral of negative
    energy. You need a positive mindset for healthy weight management. Thanks again Dot.
    Robin recently posted..Build Your List with Authentic Teleseminars Webinars That SellMy Profile

  2. I had eaten out of boredom numerous times before I started my weight loss and healthy living journey. I have learned since then, but these are great tips! So true!
    Shay recently posted..Need Your Help! Passion Action Plan!My Profile

  3. Changing what our diet consists of changes our body chemistry and can help with weight loss. Carbohydrates cause insulin release and insulin will help store fat. Carbs are also hydrophilic, meaning that they LOVE water and water wt is associated with carbs. Fat (high quality fats like avocados, nuts and pasture raised animal fats) are the body’s preferred fuels and actually do not cause fat accumulation.
    Laurie recently posted..I take my coffee black, but not by mouth…You?My Profile

  4. Hello Dot,
    I used to be twice my size. And maintaining the wright is more of the challenge than losing it. All these tips are so great and relevant!! Following your blog on Bloglovin’.

  5. HI dot,

    Yes i agree with Robin about positve mindset for health weight management!!

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