A moving experience and a great opportunity for re-invention

Moving houseLast year – 2013 – was very stagnant for me and I felt stuck on so many levels. But as soon as we got to 2014, everything started moving and changing very quickly. (Which is a little ridiculous really – because dates and calendars are an artificial construct.)

Anyway moving on …..

So for most of last year we were trying our sell our house and move, but there was little interest. Then just into the New Year a flurry of movement and suddenly we are on the move, but with the added pressure of doing it all in a matter of weeks. It is no easy job moving after 13 years of living in a place.

We made the decision early on to use this opportunity to ruthlessly de-clutter and only take with us those things we really loved or needed.

But this has been hard on so many levels, and has had a ripple effect into other areas of my life.

On clearing the loft I came across some papers relating to my time in corporate employment. As I read through them it brought back all those feelings of what a miserable and unfulfilling time it really was and I wondered why I waited so long to leave. It was that fear of leaping into the unknown from a fairly secure well paid job into the realms of self-employment. But you know what? – I have never regretted making the move – just the time it took me to get on with it. This served to remind me that life is too short to hesitate and procrastinate, and that if something appealing appears that I should just get on and DO IT! Seize the moment as the saying goes.

Although I am pretty good at not hanging onto stuff for the sake of it I do have quite a lot of antiques, family heirlooms and the like, and all those really cute things from when my children were babies. But again, I ruthlessly decided only to keep my very favourite items. In some ways this made me feel very disloyal – ditching stuff that has been in the family for a long time, but then I realised that I was just carrying the baggage of the past which was not necessarily going to help me in the future. If I don’t get rid of the old then how am I going to invite in the new?

This has also spilled over into my working life. My PC is clogged up with documents, emails, videos, old trainings etc. that I have kept ‘just in case’. I have the urge just to delete it all and move on, except if I do that I know I’ll be hunting for that one vital thing a short time later! So, maybe ‘controlled’ deletion will be a better approach.

Our new home will have a lot less land and while part of me is a little anxious about giving up all my lovely outdoor space I know it will be a lot less stressful and time consuming to have a garden the size of my current patio! On clearing the garden sheds we found we had a lot of outdoor furniture, garden implements, DIY kit etc. we no longer needed. In a matter of hours we had given away all our surplus stuff to new homes. It was so much more satisfying to help others rather than try and get a few pounds through selling it. I have come to believe that ‘stuff’ is not really important, which is a big shift from where I was at the beginning of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still like a bit of retail therapy and having beautiful things, but you don’t need to hang onto everything – it will come and go when the time is right.

I feel that I am moving into another major phase of my life. I view these events as much bigger than just moving house. It’s like having a blank canvas ready to be filled with just the things that I choose and that are right for me, whether that be material goods, business activities, relationships or environment.

What a great opportunity for re-invention– I can’t wait to see what unfolds.


  1. I so enjoyed reading this article, I am so happy for you I am so happy you are now in the process CONGRATULATIONS ! I am going threw a very similar experience I enjoy knowing we are going threw this “together” Blessing for many wonderful times ahead of you…it reminded me when I read your article “if our hands are filled with holding on to things from our past that we’ve out grown…then our hands are not free to grasp what is new and ahead of us that would serve us better today” Best of luck to you.

  2. Woohoo, Dot! It really is amazing how much decluttering can have that ripple effect on the rest of your life. It makes moving so much easier too. Congrats!

  3. We’re actually in the midst of downsizing. We first moved from a home we owned with a ton of space to a single family home with slightly less space in the house, but with a shed we could keep extra stuff. Now, we’re moving to a two bedroom apartment, so we’re trying to downsize for real this time. Craigslist has actually been great, we’ve cleared out some china cabinets, guest bed, beat up bedroom furniture, tools, etc. We’re also donating a ton of miscellaneous stuff. It’s like you posted, we’ve kept things because we thought we may use them again, but at this rate, by the time we use them again our tastes will probably change and we’ll probably be in a position to get better things anyway.

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