30 days of Hormone Balancing (17) – Avoiding stimulants


No 17 – Avoiding stimulants

stimulantsEliminate or Reduce caffeine

Caffeine has a diuretic effect on the body, which can deplete stores of vitamins and minerals which are essential for a healthy hormone balance, as well as many other bodily processes. So avoid coffee, tea and caffeine containing stimulant drinks.

Cut out or Reduce alcohol

Alcohol affects the liver and compromises its ability to detoxify your system, including the re-processing of old hormones. Alcohol detrimentally affects blood sugar balance and interferes with the metabolism of Essential Fats.

Avoid other stimulants

Other (sometimes less obvious), stimulants such as sugar, chocolate, cigarettes and recreational drugs should be excluded or kept to a minimum. Excess amounts of these products will artificially stimulate the adrenal glands and put them into overdrive.

ACTION: Identify which stimulants you regularly use – consciously or unwittingly. Put a withdrawal plan into action.

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