30 days of hormone balancing (18) – which hormone is responsible for your fat patterns?


No 18 – Hormones and your fat distribution

Your fat distribution is controlled by your hormones.

So, where you carry your fat will give an indication of which hormone is out of balance.

For example, if you have excessive fat gain around the hips and legs, (i.e. a pear shape) then Oestrogen is more dominant and you are likely to have signs and symptoms associated with excess oestrogen.

If you have excessive fat gain in your back, and folds around your bra line then your thyroid hormones are out of balance.


Fat around your middle, also known as muffin top or an apple shape indicates cortisol dominance. This is caused by factors such as too  many carbohdyrates, too many stimulants (caffeine, alcohol etc.) and prolonged stress.

Excessive fat gain in the ‘love handles’ and on the upper back is due to an insulin imbalance.

Are you carrying excess fat? If so, do you fit one of these patterns?

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