30 days of hormone balancing (25) – Do you need that perfume?


No 25 – Do you need that perfume?

Now most of us girls like to smell good and to that end we often use perfumes. But is your perfume disrupting your hormones?

Did you know that there are over 3000 chemicals that can be used in fragrances, and many of them have been linked to endocrine disruption and health issues. Just because a perfume is expensive or well known is no guarantee that it is any safer for you.


And where do we put perfume – on our wrists, behind the ears, over our chests, or if you are like my teenage daughters you spray it all over liberally. But spraying perfume directly on to your skin means it gets absorbed very quickly, which is bad news when you are trying to reduce your toxic load.

So if you must wear perfume then  try spraying it on to your clothes instead.

Alternatively seek out natural or organic perfumes, or make your own blend from  a selection of pure essential oils (just make sure they are diluted in a carrier oil first).

Or you could give the perfume a miss and go ‘eau de naturel’!

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