30 days of hormone balancing (28) – Hidden hazards in your home


No 28 – Hidden hazards in your home

home dangers to be avoided

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Our homes are full of potential hazards which can cause disruption to our hormones. Here are some examples

1.Household Pesticides

Avoid using pesticides in your garden.
Do not have your home treated for pests such as woodworm or dry rot if you are experiencing hormonal problems
If you have pets make sure you only use herbal flea treatments.
If trying to deter pests such as mice or ants avoid chemical poisons and use only natural methods.

2. Household Chemicals

Take a look under your sink or in your bathroom cupboard, or laundry room. How many different household chemicals do you have?
Avoid using detergents, clothes conditioners, bleach, toilet cleaners, polish, air fresheners and the like. Choose natural or biodegradable products which can do the job just as well and are a lot safer

3. Decorating

Avoid decorating your home with paints and other chemical materials if possible
When you do decorate try and pick solvent free paints, and other environmentally friendly products
If you are renovating an older property look out for old paint and water pipes which might contain lead

4. Home furnishings

Avoid buying new furniture, flooring, carpets or curtains, unless environmentally friendly. These often contain chemicals from the manufacturing process, which will take several months to dissipate. Carpets frequently come with built-in stain protection

5. Electro-magnetic radiation

This is potentially the worst hazard because it cannot be seen, smelt or felt.
Make sure alarm clocks and radios are not positioned near you head when you are sleeping.
Switch of your home WiFi at night and as much as possible during the day
Keep a healthy distance from TVs, computer monitors and other such devices.
Do not use laptops directly on your lap – always use on a table.
Avoid the use of electric blankets – especially those which are designed to be left on all night.
Try not to use microwave ovens. If you must use one then have it checked for leaks and never stand directly in front of it.

6. Cooking Utensils

Avoid using non-stick cookware and utensils. The plastic coating on such products does wear with use and leach into your food.

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