30 days of hormone balancing (30) – Get moving!


No 30 – Get Moving!

Elsewhere in this series of tips we discussed the dangers of excess cortisol. A good way to keep that excess cortisol in check is to get moving. If you remember cortisol is produced as your body’s natural response to some form of stress where we need to fight or run away. So taking some exercise is going to give you the equivalent effect of using that excess cortisol.


But you need to do the right sort of exercise – Do some smart exercise such as walking,  yoga or pilates, add in some weights or  high intensity, short burst  training.

However take care not to over exercise or do too much cardio based work,  –  it can have the opposite effect and increase your cortisol levels.

Even better if you can get outside and  into nature. It has been demonstrated  that being outside can also improve your  mood, lower your stress levels and hence  lower your cortisol production.

What is your favourite way to exercise?

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