30 days of hormone balancing (6) – Foods for hormonal symptoms


No 6 – Foods for hormonal symptoms

Here are some common hormonal symptoms and a list of foods which may help alleviate the condition and also those which aggravate it.


Breast pain or tenderness

Increase: Leafy greens, water, fennel     Decrease: dairy foods, caffeine


Increase: Leafy greens, water, fennel     Decrease: processed foods, salt


Increase: Leafy greens, whole grains, chocolate       Decrease: dairy foods, caffeine, animal protein

Heavy bleeding

Increase: water with lemon, Leafy greens    Decrease: spicy food, animal protein

Light bleeding

Increase: warm water , root vegetables, beans, healthy fats    Decrease:  animal protein

Skin problems – acne and spots

Increase: water, Leafy greens     Decrease: processed foods, sugar, animal protein

Abdominal pain or cramps

Increase: water         Decrease: protein, caffeine and alcohol

Mood swings and sugar cravings

Increase: sweet vegetables, whole grains, green smoothies and juices, water    Decrease: sugar, caffeine


Increase: sweet potatoes,  water, fruit, brown rice, leafy greens   Decrease: processed foods


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