30 days of Hormone Balancing (8) – Phytoestrogens


No 8 – Add foods containing phytoestrogens into your diet


Pulses – (lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans), peas, beans, and linseeds, are all foods which are high in compounds known as as phytoestrogens.

These are naturally occurring compounds that have oestrogenic activity. They have a similar chemical structure to estrogen but have a much weaker effect. They  bind to the oestrogen receptors on cell walls thus excluding the standard oestrogen, and therefore help to reduce toxic oestrogens in the body.  In this respect they act like hormone regulators.

They also help to stimulate the liver into producing sex-hormone-binding-globulin which is responsible for controlling the amount of oestrogen and testosterone circulating around the body. Therefore these foods have a balancing effect on our hormones.

You should aim for at least three helpings per day.

ACTION: try incorporating some of these foods into your meals this week


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