20 reasons you should try reflexology

benefits of reflexology

  1.  It is a very safe and natural therapy
  2. There is no need to get undressed – you only need to bare your feet
  3. Reflexology is non-invasive and is often a good therapy to experience if you are new to complementary therapies.
  4. Reflexology treatments can be effective in as little as 5 minutes, though most people prefer to experience a full treatment of about 45 minutes.
  5. It is suitable for anyone and everyone, and there is no minimum or maximum age limit.  www.dothurley.com
  6. Reflexology can provide the same sensations of relaxation and restfulness that a full body massage can produce and is therefore highly beneficial in the treatment of stress.
  7. You do not have to do anything for the treatment to be successful, there is no effort on your part.
  8. Reflexology can help to treat any conditions. Reflexology treats the whole person, not just the symptoms of particular problems, and therefore most people can benefit from treatment.
  9. Reflexology is very effective as a preventative therapy. By helping to keep the body balanced, relaxed and in harmony, illness can be avoided.
  10. A reflexology treatment can be carried out just about anywhere – specialist equipment is not needed. VRT
  11. It is possible to self-treat with reflexology once you have been shown what to do.
  12. Reflexology can be very effective for conditions of hormone imbalance.
  13. Reflexology has been shown to be successful in promoting fertility and helping couples to conceive.
  14. Particular forms of reflexology, i.e. Vertical Reflex Therapy and Nerve reflexology are particularly effective for musculo-skeletal and pain related conditions.
  15. Nerve reflexology is particularly useful for helping to treat migraines.

    reflexology for health

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  16. Reflexology helps restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium and encourage healing.
  17. The therapy has been around for a long time. Reflexology is believed to have its roots in the ancient civilizations: Egypt, China, Africa and the native Indian tribes of America. As a result it is well studied, well developed, effective and has an excellent safety record.
  18. Treatments are tailored to the individual with variations in pressure and time adjusted to suit the patients age and condition.
  19. For some conditions instant results can be obtained.
  20. Reflexology is generally a very pleasant treatment to receive, inducing a feeling of deep relaxation.

Why not give Reflexology a go and experience the benefits for yourself!


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