A moving experience and a great opportunity for re-invention

Last year – 2013 – was very stagnant for me and I felt stuck on so many levels. But as soon as we got to 2014, everything started moving and changing very quickly. (Which is a little ridiculous really … [Read more...]

31 days of pressure – otherwise known as the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

OK so I've gone and done it again! Signed up for the Ultimate blog challenge where I commit to posting 31 articles to my blog during October. It's not like I need the work. I've just taken the step of … [Read more...]

Food Related Jokes

Sometimes it all gets a bit too serious when we are discussing food and health. Here is a light-hearted look at the subject. ****************************************** A nutritionist was giving a … [Read more...]

Welcome to my world

My mission is to help individuals to achieve radiant good health by promoting self-empowerment and personal responsibility for  Health and Well-being. My aim is to help you  to have the best life … [Read more...]