How to manage Lymphoedema. A new approach using simple and effective Reflexology techniques

Managing Lymphoedema There is no cure for lymphoedema, but it is usually possible to control the main symptoms using techniques to minimise fluid build-up and stimulate the flow of fluid through the … [Read more...]

How to manage Crohn’s disease

    This month (June 2014) it was reported in the national press that there has been a huge increase in hospital admissions for Crohn's disease. Some 20,000 young people were admitted … [Read more...]

Not all body fat is the same – what sort do you have?

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STRESS – from your body’s point of view, and why you must support your adrenal glands

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How to spot signs of adrenal stress

Are you an over-active person? Always on the go and rushing about busy, busy, busy..... Maybe you are a workaholic with a hectic schedule, burning the candle at both ends and with precious little … [Read more...]

Are you putting your health in danger everytime you pop a headache pill? (The dangers of everyday painkillers)

I just read an article in the newspaper which stated the following: In the UK for the year 2011-12, 24,000 women were admitted to hospital suffering from the adverse effects of … [Read more...]

How I increased my energy and stabilised my diabetes with raw food.

Today, July 11th,  is International Raw Food Day and those of us in the raw food world are on a mission to introduce more people to the benefits of this lifestyle. You may have come across the term … [Read more...]

7 hidden causes of gum disease

Gum disease is very common in our society and dentists love to tell you about the expensive treatments you will need to correct this condition. However the state of your gums is a reflection of the … [Read more...]

Do you feel like a tortoise? It could be an Underactive thyroid

Do you feel cold all the time? Are you lacking energy? Do you find it difficult to lose weight? Is your hair dry and brittle and losing its gloss? If so you could be suffering with an under-active … [Read more...]


Did you know? You don’t have to be overweight  to have fat around your middle A thick waist is a sign of a build-up of a dangerous type of fat around the internal organs. Fat around your … [Read more...]