6 good reasons to exclude wheat from your diet

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Are you getting enough sunshine, or do you need to supplement?

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How ‘fresh’ is your fresh food?

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The dangers of the sweet stuff

  Refined sugar is a major danger to our health. In fact some say it’s as dangerous as the other famous ‘white’ stuff. Sugar follows the same pathways in the brain and targets the same … [Read more...]

Chocolate orange smoothy – a decadent treat for a gloomy day

Fancy something decadent and comforting on a gloomy autumn day? Then try this delicious smoothy.  I do tend to use the 'bung it' method of food preparation - i.e. just throw ingredients together … [Read more...]

Add some spice to your life

One of my suppliers gifted me a large bag of brown mustard seeds the other day. As I was wondering what to do with these I remembered back to the days of my childhood when we used to grow mustard and … [Read more...]

How to grow your own sprouts at home

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Sprouts – easy to grow. Give them a go! (Not Brussels!)

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Bromelain – a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent

Bromelain is a protein digesting enzyme which is derived from the stems and juices of pineapples. Bromelain is significant for the fact that it is not easily broken down by your digestive juices which … [Read more...]

Could Zinc deficiency be the cause of your health issues?

Zinc is a vitally important mineral for our bodies and adequate zinc levels are essential for good health and wellbeing. Zinc is found in every body cell and is a component of more than 200 bodily … [Read more...]