15 minutes to Turn Those Rainy Day Blues into a Sunny Outlook

  I was sitting here gazing out of my office window this afternoon as the rain lashed down thinking how miserable it was. I got to pondering how I could see the good in this and came up with … [Read more...]

Is your body friend or foe?

How do you feel about your body? Close your mind for a few minutes and let your thoughts wander to how you feel about your body. Do you often say things like, “I hate my___”? , “I wish I could move … [Read more...]

The 10-Day Negative Thought Fast

Would you like a simple way to really change your life? Rather than a juice or water fast try something different - a negative thought fast. You could alter your whole way of life when you focus on … [Read more...]

Being Present

How many of us actually live in the present moment? Just think about it for a few minutes. You might spend a lot of time worrying about events which have happened, or something which is scheduled to … [Read more...]

Dealing with Life’s Curve Balls

How to Embrace New Chapters in Your Life As we all know, life is rarely a smooth path. It is full of ups and downs. Often changes happen when you least expect them, and you end up with your … [Read more...]

Are you referring to me?

When someone gives you a compliment, are you able to receive it, take it in and believe it? Many people find it difficult to receive a compliment. You might mumble your thank you, or give some … [Read more...]

Are You Telling Yourself to Fail?

Are you talking yourself into failure and disappointment? Look out for these signs Much of our happiness and success is the result of our mental attitude. On the flip side of the coin so, too, are … [Read more...]

Bringing Your Aspirations and Visions To Life

So here is the first day of the New Year and the first day of a new blog challenge. I wasn’t sure about signing up this time, because although I manage to complete the last two successfully I really … [Read more...]

Finding the real you

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Be Your World

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