30 days of Hormone Balancing (11) – Avoiding sugar

No 11- Avoid sugar Avoid sugar in your diet, both as a sweetener and hidden in foods. Sugar detrimentally affects blood sugar balance, by causing sudden peaks as the sugar is ingested, followed by … [Read more...]

Chia seeds – superfood food for warriors

Chia seeds are another food which has made its appearance fairly recently in the western diet although it has long been a staple of South American peoples. Chia seeds can be traced back to Aztec and … [Read more...]

Blood sugar imbalance and Diabetes – are you a candidate?

Do you feel sluggish in the mornings? Need a stimulant such as coffee or sugary breakfast cereal to get you going? Do you get that mid-afternoon slump and reach for the chocolate bar? If so, it is … [Read more...]