The Truth about Hormones

Hormones – everybody has them, (not just women) and everybody needs them. But do you really know what they do? Hormones tend to get a bit of a bad press, especially in relation to women’s health, … [Read more...]

Endometriosis – symptoms, causes, consequences – and what to do about it.

Female health conditions associated with hormone imbalance - No 3 Endometriosis       What is it? Endometriosis is the conditions that occur when tissue which should belong … [Read more...]

Are your hormones causing havoc for your health?

Hormones are chemical messengers found within your body which trigger certain actions within the body, such as the rate at which glands and other organs work.  Hormones regulate such functions as … [Read more...]

How is a Woman like a Canary?

In the olden days they used canaries to test for dangerous gases in mines, because they are highly sensitive to their environment. Women can be thought of as having similar characteristics. A woman’s … [Read more...]