30 days of hormone balancing (7) – Blood sugar imbalance

No 7 - Be aware of any blood sugar imbalances Do you feel sluggish in the mornings? Need a stimulant such as coffee or sugary breakfast cereal to get you going? Do you get that mid-afternoon slump … [Read more...]

Endometriosis – symptoms, causes, consequences – and what to do about it.

Female health conditions associated with hormone imbalance - No 3 Endometriosis       What is it? Endometriosis is the conditions that occur when tissue which should belong … [Read more...]

Female health conditions associated with hormone imbalance – No 1 – Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)   It is estimated that 75% of menstruating women experience some degree of PMS. Symptoms can vary widely in their nature and severity; there is no … [Read more...]

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome – a conspiracy by chocolate manufacturers ?

Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is a very common condition that affects most women of child bearing age to some degree. Indeed for many it has become accepted as ‘normal ‘, and part and parcel of … [Read more...]

Are your hormones causing havoc for your health?

Hormones are chemical messengers found within your body which trigger certain actions within the body, such as the rate at which glands and other organs work.  Hormones regulate such functions as … [Read more...]

Polycystic Ovary syndrome – an increasingly common condition

Polycystic ovary syndrome seems to be an increasingly common complaint which I am seeing more frequently in my practice. Allopathic medicine seeks to deal with this complaint by telling women to lose … [Read more...]