Chocolate orange smoothy – a decadent treat for a gloomy day

Fancy something decadent and comforting on a gloomy autumn day? Then try this delicious smoothy.  I do tend to use the 'bung it' method of food preparation - i.e. just throw ingredients together … [Read more...]

How I increased my energy and stabilised my diabetes with raw food.

Today, July 11th,  is International Raw Food Day and those of us in the raw food world are on a mission to introduce more people to the benefits of this lifestyle. You may have come across the term … [Read more...]

Chia seeds – superfood food for warriors

Chia seeds are another food which has made its appearance fairly recently in the western diet although it has long been a staple of South American peoples. Chia seeds can be traced back to Aztec and … [Read more...]

Reasons not to eat Raw

I recently wrote a post concerning the Raw Food Diet and several of the comments that I got in response were very similar. People wrote that they had been between 70 - 100% raw, but that they were … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Benefits of a Raw Food Lifestyle

        Some of the many benefits of a raw food diet This could be you if you follow a raw food diet!   Better health The health benefits of raw are one … [Read more...]

What is a Raw Food Diet?

The Raw Food Diet You may have come across the term Raw Food diet and dismissed it as something that sounds very unappealing. Or you might think it is the kind of diet that only people with … [Read more...]

Refreshing summer smoothy

I just created this awesome smoothy. Rather than follow recipes I often just browse through my fridge and garden to see what is available and then experiment by throwing everything into the Vitamix. … [Read more...]