Work with me

Dot Hurley Natural Health

provides programs for transforming and upgrading personal health using  nutrition, natural products, physical therapies, meditation, and lifestyle changes.

I offer

  • 1:1 therapy appointments
  • Cookery / food classes
  • Live Workshops
  • Coaching programmes
  • Individually tailored coaching / treatment packages
  • Home Visits – 1 or more days for setting up / educating

I work mainly with women who wish to change their physical. emotional, mental or spiritual states due to either ill-health, illness prevention, improving well-being, or personal growth so that they can

  • recover their health
  • survive life threatening illnesses
  • feel vibrantly healthy and alive
  • feel in charge of their own destiny
  • have a successful pregnancy
  • embrace their femininity
  • develop their Spiritual connections / awareness

Please visit for full details or contact me directly